Who are we?

LEDCAN is a company located in The Canary Islands, formed by a team of professional engineers, specialized in LED technology, and dedicated to energy efficient lighting. Our goal is to change the lighting concept bringing light to homes and businesses while respecting the environment and saving energy. To do this, use lamps and luminaires to achieve a high level of illumination but with lower consumption.

What do we do?

Lighting Projects: Indoor, Outdoor, Road and Sports
Lighting Energy Audits: Analysis of your business lighting and lighting proposals for improvement and savings.
Sell of LED lamps and luminaires and everything related to lighting.
Lighting Courses

What is our mission?

Achieve a better, less pollution to the environment and lighting solutions with energy savings.

What is our vision?

To be the leading company in lighting and energy savings in The Canary Islands

What are our values?

Successfully achieve the objectives of our clients and give the best of ourselves respecting the environment.